RF919 Shortwave Radio
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Multi-Band Reception: Seamlessly access a wide range of frequencies including FM, AM, SW, CB, VHF, UHF, WX, AIR with SSB. Tailored for global use with easy tuning to meet regional standards.

Precision Tuning: Experience precise frequency adjustment with dual knobs featuring a satisfying click, or use quick-tune buttons for convenience. Store up to 1600 channels for easy navigation.

Dual Display Clarity: A 3.54-inch main screen provides essential reception details, complemented by a secondary screen for signal strength and time. Enjoy a dynamic music light show in sync with your tunes.

Remote App Control: Command your radio effortlessly with our intuitive app. Single-handed operation meets powerful wireless functionality for seamless control from your smartphone.

Powerful Audio and Battery: The RF919 features a robust 5000mAh battery, Bluetooth connectivity, micro SD support, and a potent 20W speaker system for a superior audio experience. Private listening is just a 3.5mm jack away.

Superior Antenna Connectivity: Enhance your listening with three external antenna options for unmatched clarity across all bands. Enjoy superior sound quality, no matter your location.

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Introducing Raddy RF919 World Band SSB Radio! 📻

Discover the Raddy RF919 shortwave radio, your all-access pass to global communication. With full band reception and SSB capability, this radio boasts dual screens for easy navigation and app control for convenience. Enjoy high-quality sound with a 20W Bluetooth 5.1 speaker, and fine-tune signals effortlessly with the built-in antenna tuner. Connect with ease using three external antenna ports, and explore an extensive range of 1600 channels. Set the ambiance with a customizable seven-color backlit display, and stay powered up longer with a robust 5000mAh battery. Besides, it's adaptable to multi-ITU regions and allows you to customize the frequency range and step size settings to match your local preferences.

The RF919 isn't just a radio, it's your gateway to a world of endless possibilities!

Multi-band Reception

Explore FM, AM, SW, SSB, VHF, UHF, AIR, CB, and WB frequencies, adaptable to multi-ITU regions. Effortlessly tune in with built-in frequency range and step selection settings, ensuring local acceptance wherever you roam.

Dual Screens

Stay informed with a 3.54-inch main screen displaying reception status with seven-color backlit. The second screen offers signal strength, time, and a rhythmic music spectrum light in BT mode that flashes in sync with the melody.

Masterful Tuning Experience

Experience smooth tuning with dual knobs for main and fine adjustments with a retro-click sound, or use button controls for quick frequency changes. Enhance signal clarity with the antenna tuner and side knob.

Remote APP Control

Gain full control with our intelligent app, Radio-CT. This feature-packed application offers intuitive single-handed operation, freeing your hands for other tasks.

3 External Antenna Ports

Elevate your radio experience with three external antenna interfaces, including VHF/UHF SMA Male, AM Antenna, and 3.5mm SW interfaces.

20W Impressive Speaker

Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound with a 20W speaker and subwoofer combination, delivering rich, dynamic audio quality.

1600 Channels

With a massive capacity to store up to 1600 stations, you'll never run out of options for your favorite tunes and broadcasts.

5000mAh Large Battery

Equipped with two replaceable and rechargeable 2500mAh batteries, ensuring uninterrupted listening enjoyment wherever you go.

7 Color Backlit Selectable

Personalize your experience with our radio’s unique feature: a selectable seven-color backlit display. Unlike other radios, you can choose and set your favorite backlight color to match your style or mood, all while staying updated with a clear 3.54-inch main screen that shows reception status. It’s not just a radio; it’s an extension of your personality.

Upgraded Antenna Tuner

Optimize your world-exploring game with the RF919's manual antenna tuning feature. By utilizing the rear MW, SW 1, and SW 2 frequency switching, along with the side tuning knob, you can fine-tune your reception for clearer signals. The secondary screen provides real-time viewing of signal strength changes, allowing you to elevate your radio journey to new heights with every precise frequency adjustment!

Frequency band | Mode | Sensitivity | Step Option
FM 64-108MHZ | WFM/ST | 2uV | 10KHZ, 50KHZ, 100KHZ
SW 2.30-30.00MHZ | AM/USB/LSB | 20uV | 0.01KHZ, 0.02KHZ, 0.1KHZ, 1KHZ, 5KHZ
MW 520-1710KHZ | AM | 1mV/m | 3KHZ, 9KHZ; 5KHZ, 10KHZ
LW 153-522KHZ | AM | 1mV/m | 3KHZ, 9KHZ
AIR 118-138MHZ | AM | 1uV | 8.3KHZ, 12.5KHZ, 25KHZ
CB 25-28MHZ | AM | 10dBuV | 0.01KHZ, 0.02KHZ, 0.1KHZ, 1KHZ, 5KHZ
VHF 20-250MHZ | NFM | -9dBuV | 1KHZ, 5.0KHZ, 6.2KHZ, 7.5KHZ, 12.5KHZ, 25KHZ
UHF 250-999MHZ | NFM | -9dBuV | 1KHZ, 5.0KHZ, 6.2KHZ, 7.5KHZ, 12.5KHZ, 25KHZ
WB 162.4-162.55MHZ | NFM | -9dBuV | 25KHZ

Speaker: 3inch, 3Ω, 20W
Channels: 1600 (200 per band)
Bluetooth version: V5.1
Bluetooth receiving distance: ≤20m
External input voltage: DC5V
Lithium batteries: 3.7v 5000mAh (2500mAh x 2)
TF card supports: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE and FLAC
Radio dimension: 6.7x7.5x3.4in | 170x190x85mm
Weight: 2.4lb | 1.1kg (with batteries)

What’s in the box?
1 x RF919 SSB Radio
1 x Carrying Strap
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Mini Screwdriver