WF-100SE Weather Station
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Easy-to-read Display: The WF-100SE features a large and clear 13-in-1 color display that presents weather data in a user-friendly format. Check temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV index, feels-like temperature, dew point, sunshine intensity, weather forecast, wind direction and speed, barometric pressure, and moon phase at a single glance.

Effortless Setup & Maintenance: Set up your weather station quickly with intuitive controls and straightforward installation instructions, and benefit from smooth operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

7-in-1 Accurate Outdoor Sensor: The WF-100SE is equipped with a highly accurate outdoor sensor with upgraded rain collector, thermo-hygrometer radiation shield, and a solar panel that precisely measures weather conditions in your area. The system offers an impressive communication range of up to 330ft.

Sync with WeatherCloud & Wunderground: Stay updated with these platforms' latest weather updates and forecasts via Wi-Fi. Access real-time data and make informed decisions wherever you are.

24-48h Weather Forecast: Rely on the WF-100SE's accurate sensors to provide reliable 24-48 hour weather forecasts. Whether it's sunny, cloudy, rainy, or snowy, get prepared for any weather condition that lies ahead. Plan your activities in advance.


Full Angle Solar Panel

Our advanced sensor with upgraded solar panel (from 45° to 15°) for maximum direct sunlight exposure. Say goodbye to changing batteries all the time as it harnesses solar power, extending battery life. Embrace efficiency and sustainability with our cutting-edge solution. (Note: The solar panel does not charge the batteries.)

Accurate Thermo-Hygrometer Radiation Shield

The upgraded cylindrical design, featuring five layers of protection (others four), minimizes wind interference for more reliable readings. Better ventilation ensures optimal performance, making it more precise than other remote sensors.

Larger and Deeper Rain Collector

Experience improved rainfall accuracy with enhanced collection capabilities. Leave behind the inaccuracy induced by the shaking motion caused by wind shaking, as we've switched to a single-sided triangle design. Additionally, bird spikes have been added to prevent damage to the rain gauge.

WF-100SE can wirelessly sync with world weather sites(WeatherCloud & Wunderground), allowing you to share real-time weather conditions with friends, family, and community members. Stay connected and keep people informed about the current weather in your area. Enjoy instant sharing and become a reliable source of weather updates. Share the weather like never before.

Enhance your monitoring experience with the Hi/Low alarms settings. Set high/low alarms for indoor temperature and humidity, 24-hour rainfall, outdoor dew point, "feels like" temperature, and relative pressure. Stay informed and in control with precise alerts for optimal comfort and safety.

This home weather station features a versatile adjustable backlight with three modes. Easily customize the display's brightness to suit your preference and visibility needs. Enjoy optimal readability in any lighting condition, day or night.

Temperature Range: Indoor sensor: 32 to 140°F, Outdoor sensor: -40 to 140 °F
Accuracy: ± 2°F
Humidity Range: Indoor: 10 to 99 %, Outdoor sensor: 10 to 99 %
Accuracy: ± 5%
UV Index: 1 to 15+
Solar Radiation (Light) Range: 0 to 200,000 lux
Rain Range: 0 to 394 inches
Wind Direction Range: 0 - 360 º
Wind Speed Range: 0 to 112mph
Barometric Pressure Range: 300 - 1100 hpa / 8.85 - 32.50 inHg
Display Console Dimensions: Frame dimensions (LxHxW): 7.6’’x5.5’’x1.1’’. LCD dimensions (L x W): 6.3’’x 3.7’’
WiFi Console RF Frequency: 2.4GHz
Data TX/RX Frequency: 433 MHz
Power Consumption: Display: 3 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline or Lithium batteries(not included)
Outdoor sensor: 3 x AA Alkaline batteries or Lithium batteries(not included)

What’s in the box?
1 x Display Console
1 x Outdoor Sensor
4 x Washer
4 x Pole Mounting U-bolt Nuts(M5)
2 x U-Bolt (M5)
1 x L-shaped Stainless Steelbase
1 x Wrench (M5)
1 x Screwdriver (M3)
3 x Wind Vane and wind Cup Mounting screws (Ø3)
2 x Wind Vane and wind Cup Waterproof rubber plug
6 x Detachable Metal Bird Spikes
1 x Stainless Steel Mounting Pole
1 x User Manual
1 x 100…240V AC Power Adapter