PT-1 Wireless Pool Thermometer
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Wireless Pool Thermometer

Monitoring Multiple Locations Extended Flexibility 2Powered by AAA Batteries

Monitoring Multiple Locations
The PT-1 can support up to 8 sensors and the display can switch between these 8 channels, allowing you to monitor 8 water areas conditions simultaneously. You can easily keep track of the temperature in different spots, and make any necessary adjustments.

Extended Flexibility
The display console can be mounted on a desktop or a wall, giving you the flexibility to choose the best installation option for your needs.

Powered by AAA Batteries
The pool thermometer set comes with two wrenches, making it easy to open the pool sensor and ensuring that it stays tightly sealed for waterproof purposes. The pool sensor is powered by 4 x AAA batteries(not included).

General Specifications
Dimensions: Display console: 4.3’’x2.5’’x0.65’’; LCD: 2.1x1.7’’
Pool sensor: 6.9’’x4.2’’
Indoor temperature range: 32℉-140℉(0-60℃)
Pool sensor temperature range: -40°F~140°F(-40°~60°C)
Temperature accuracy: ±2℉/1℃
Display console power supply: 2 x AAA, 1.5V Alkaline batteries
Pool sensor power supply: 4 x AAA, 1.5V Alkaline batteries
Battery life: Minimum 12-month use

Wireless specifications
Transmission range:100meter(300ft) in the open area, 30~50meter(100~165ft) under most conditions
Frequency: 433 MHz
Data update rate: 60 seconds

What's in the box?
Wireless Pool Sensor x 1
Display Console x 1
Upper lid wrench x 1br> Lower lid wrench x 1
Key x 1