SW001 Shortwave Radio Antenna
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Enhanced Signal Reception:Enhanced Signal Reception: Boost your radio's signal strength with the SW001 Crocodile Clip Antenna, improving audio quality and volume for a better listening experience.

Interference Reduction: Say goodbye to signal interference and disruptions with our advanced antenna technology, ensuring clear and uninterrupted radio transmission.

Easy Installation: Simply attach the 3m long antenna to any radio with a telescopic antenna, then expand it for optimal reception, instantly enhancing signal strength and clarity.

Improved Performance: Experience a 1-2 times increase in signal strength compared to standard antennas, allowing you to tune in to distant radio stations with ease.

Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various radio models featuring telescopic antennas, including Raddy RF320, RF919, RF750, RF757, RF75A, RF886, RF206, and RE40.
Enhance your radio experience with our 9.85 ft Crocodile Clip Antenna Accessory. Designed to suppress interference and boost signal reception, it delivers clear, uninterrupted listening enjoyment.

Length: 3M
Weight: 35.5g
Material: 20 AWG copper wire, iron spring, iron clip
Applicable bands: FM/SW/WB/VHF

Compatible Mode
Raddy RF320, RF919, RF750, RF757, RF75A, RF886, RF206, RE40

What’s in the box?
1 x SW001 Shortwave Radio Antenna