SD10 DAB/DAB+ Emergency Radio
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All-in-One Audio: The Raddy SD10 is your ideal audio companion, offering FM radio, digital DAB+/DAB radio, and seamless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for music streaming. It even includes a 3.5mm headphone port for private listening.

Extended Battery Life: Whether camping or facing an emergency blackout, the SD10 ensures you never run out of power. This device can support flashlight use for up to 114 hours. For extended battery capacity under survival situations, you can insert three AAA batteries to increase its capacity to nearly 11,500mAh!

Four Power Sources for Survival: Never run out of power options. Charge the battery-operated radio via USB-C, crank it manually, rely on solar energy, or use standard AAA batteries in a pinch. You're always connected.

Keep You Connected: The SD10 is not only a crank radio, but also a 10000mAh power bank for your electronic devices. You can charge smartphones, tablets, and gadgets with ease. The power bank function makes SD10 an essential companion for camping enthusiasts and emergency preparedness.
User-Friendly Design: Navigate with ease using responsive buttons and the LCD screen. It's portable, with a handy strap for outdoor adventures, and boasts a retractable antenna for top-notch signal reception.


Tailor Your Display

Take control of your screen settings. Customize brightness levels (Low-Medium-High) and screen timeout (10-180 seconds) through a user-friendly interface with convenient buttons.

Stay Punctual and Relaxed

Wake up on time with the two built-in alarms, and if you need a few more moments of rest, the snooze function has you covered. Additionally, set a sleep timer to automatically power down the radio after a specified duration, conserving power while you sleep soundly.

Light Up Your Space On-Demand

Illuminate your surroundings with the built-in torch and reading light. Both lights come with a switch control, allowing you to turn them off as needed without worrying about draining the power when using the solar panel.

SOS Modes for Safety

The SD10 provides a trio of SOS modes: one that combines alarm sound with a flashing light, another with a standalone flashing light, and a third with alarm sound alone. These modes are essential for deterring wildlife or other dangers in outdoor settings.


  • Frequency range: FM:87.5-108 MHz; DAB:170-240 MHz
  • Sensitivity: FM 8dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: FM 38 dBW
  • Max current: 680mA
  • Quiescent current: 160uA
  • Output current for external charging: 800mA
  • Working voltage: 3.5V-4.2V
  • Max power consumption: 1.3W
  • Product size: 164.2x62.5x94MM
  • Net weight: 507g