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APP Control SW Radio: Thanks to the app intelligent remote control and Bluetooth 5.0 features, you can enjoy the convenience of RF75A. With its intuitive user interface and powerful wireless capabilities, you can easily control your radio from your devices(support iOS, Android, and HarmonyOS systems).

Wider Reception Range: Listen to FM, VHF, AM, SW, and WB, and stay up-to-date with your favorite radio shows and music with this powerful multi-band receiver. RF75A has a wider range of shortwave frequencies compared to the RF750.

Automatic Scan and Manual Storage: You can save up to 396 stations, including 99 of each, so you can easily access your favorite stations. Experience powerful sound and crystal clear reception with its 9.85' wire antenna.

Personal Music Player: Boost your music experience with this all-in-one outdoor audio system. With Bluetooth 5.0 feature, a 3.5mm earphone socket, and a TF card socket, you can easily connect to your personal audio devices and connect to your computer as a speaker.

Outdoor Companion: This one-of-a-kind radio is designed to be small and lightweight, making it ideal for travel and outdoor activities. Use the flashlight and SOS for emergencies.


CLICK HERE to download User Manual

CLICK HERE to download APP Instruction Manual


This shortwave radio with app intelligent remote control is the perfect solution for tuning in to broadcasts from around the world. With this App, users have the ability to manually input frequency points via digital keys, allowing for more flexibility than traditional radios. And you can easily select and control the radio's various functions from anywhere in the world.

Six Sound Effects

For an even greater listening experience, the RF75A offers six sound effects to choose from, including normal, pop, rock, classic, jazz, and country.

Perfect for Outdoors

The flashlight and SOS function make the RF75A not only a shortwave radio but also an emergency kit. It is the perfect companion for your next backyard barbecue or camping trip.

3W Bass Speaker

The 3w bass speaker delivers powerful bass, clear alto, and loud treble for the ultimate sound experience.

Long Service Time

Utilizing a Type-C charging port, the unit can be quickly recharged with a 1000mAh battery in 3-4 hours and lasts up to 7-8 hours.

Six Backlight Colors

Six stunning backlight colors add a vibrant visual touch to your music.

Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock

Set your radio to turn off automatically after a certain amount of time, as well as set an alarm clock to make sure you don't miss important news and broadcasts.

AM: 520-1710KHZ
FM: 64-108MHZ (Step Value: US: 10KHZ, EU: 9KHZ)
SW: 4.750-21.850MHZ
(US Only)WB(Weather Band): 162.400-162.550MHZ
VHF: 30.000-199.975MHZ
TF Card Max Capacity: Max 256GB
Spport Audio Format: MP3, WAV, WMA
Size/Weight: 3.6’’ x 2’’ x 1'' / 3.7 oz
Components & Accessories: 1 x RF75A, 1 x Storage bag, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Wire antenna, 1 x Type-C cable, 1 x Earphone
  1. About Bluetooth Control App download

 - Android system: scan the QR code in the Raddy RF75A APP Instruction to download and install App "Radio-CT"

 - iOS system: App Store - search "Radio-CT" to download

  1. About Bluetooth Connection

 - Connect to RF75A in your phone setting when turning to the Bluetooth Speaker Mode

 - Connect to RF75A-BLE in App's Bluetooth list when turning to the Bluetooth App Control Mode

  1. About Antennas

 - When receiving FM, VHF, SW, and WB bands, please pull out the antenna adjusting the length. If there is a strong radio interference that leads to a cross station, you can shorten the antenna.

 - When receiving AM broadcast. RF75A uses a built-in magnetic antenna to receive medium waves. The magnetic antenna has certain directionality when it receives the signal. Therefore, when receiving a medium wave, you should rotate the direction of the machine body appropriately to find the best reception effect.

4. Chargers with the output voltage of DC 5 V/ 1A-DC 3A are recommended.