WS-5 2-Outlet Water Timer
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Easy to Read & Setup: Boasts a clear LED screen for a straightforward user interface alongside simple programming buttons, making it easy to meet your precise watering needs.

Flexible Watering Schedules: Ideal for meticulous lawn and garden irrigation, the WS-5 allows you to schedule watering from every hour to every 12 hours or from every day to every 7 days, eliminating the hassle of manual watering.

Dual Zone Control: The WS-5 features two separate outlets for added versatility, allowing independent irrigation schedules for each zone. Set precise watering durations from 1 minute to 5 hours and 59 minutes to meet any plant's hydration needs with exact precision.

Rainfall Delay and Low Battery Reminder:Features a rain delay function (1-7 days) to prevent over-watering and a low battery indicator to remind you when it's time to replace the battery, ensuring your garden is always perfectly watered without waste.

IP55 Waterproof: Engineered with robust waterproof construction and an additional sealing ring to block moisture, making it perfect for outdoor installation. It is recommended not to operate in temperatures below 40°F (4.5°C) to prevent freezing damage.

CLICK HERE to download the user manual.

Upgrade your garden watering with the Raddy WS-5 Watering System. This advanced device features two independent outlets, allowing you to customize watering to your plants' needs. It offers peace of mind with an upgraded IP55 waterproof rating and extra waterproof tape for enhanced protection. Invest in the Raddy WS-5 for a more efficient and reliable gardening experience.

2 Separate Watering Zones

Dual zones can be set with specific start times, watering frequencies, and durations, ensuring every part of your garden receives the precise care it needs.

Easy to Program and Use

It allows you to set a wide range of watering intervals, from every 1 to 23 hours or every 1 to 7 days, effortlessly catering to the unique needs of your lawn and garden.

Low Battery Protection

When the batteries are running low, a low power indicator will flash on the display, reminding you to replace them promptly and ensuring your watering schedule remains uninterrupted.

Watering Delay

Conserve water and protect your plants with the built-in delay feature, which skips scheduled watering on rainy days. This prevents overwatering and ensures efficient use of resources.

Min/Max Operating Pressure: 0.5 Bar ~ 8 Bar (7.25 psi ~ 116 psi)
Working Temperature: 4.5℃ ~ 45℃ (40.1℉ ~ 113℉)
Watering Duration: 1 minute to 5 hours 59 minutes
Watering Frequency: 1 hour to 7 days
Manual Watering: 1 minute to 59 minutes
Rain Delay Time: 1 day to 7 days
Power: 4 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Waterproof Level: IP55

What’s in the box?
1 x WS-5 Sprinkler Timer
2 x Waterproof Tape
2 x Threaded Connector
2 x Universal Connector
1 x Washer
1 x User Manual