RF757 Shortwave Radio
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Multi-Band Receiver: RF757 allows you to tune into AM, FM, SW, UHF, VHF, CB, and AIR frequencies, ensuring you never miss a moment of excitement. Plus, with its NOAA and SOS alert functions, it becomes your reliable companion for outdoor adventures, keeping you informed and safe in any weather conditions.

Smart APP Control: With our unique APP control feature, seamlessly adjust volume, switch channels, and set presets from your smartphone, whether you're using Android, iOS, or HarmonyOS. Experience unparalleled convenience and customization in your listening journey with RF757.

Advanced Tuning Options: The RF757 has auto, semi-auto, and manual search functions, as well as digital and manual knob tuning. With its Infinite-tuning knobs and step button, you can easily find your desired frequency. It also allows you to save up to 1000 stations, including 200 each for AIR, FM, VHF, MW, and SW.

Long-Lasting Power: Equipped with a large 2500mAh rechargeable battery, the RF757 Shortwave radio delivers stable power support for extended listening sessions. Enjoy hours of uninterrupted music without the worry of running out of power. Plus, with the Type-C charger, you can easily recharge your radio anytime, anywhere.

Multifunctional Shortwave Radio: This isn't just a shortwave radio; it offers TF and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for diverse music playback options. Immerse yourself in private listening sessions via the built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. Besides, with features like an SOS function and portable design, it's your ultimate companion for emergencies.

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Raddy RF757 shortwave radio: your ultimate emergency companion. With its AM/FM/SW/VHF/UHF/CB/AIR reception and convenient app control, stays effortlessly connected to a wide range of broadcasts. Ensure dependable communication in any situation with this compact and reliable companion, ideal for both leisure and emergency use.

APP Control

Experience total control over every function, from frequency tuning to scanning and station preset, all at your fingertips with the Radio-CT app. Effortlessly manage your radio for convenient single-handed operation.

Multi-band Reception

Embark on an immersive listening journey with our Multi-band Reception feature, covering AM, FM, SW, VHF, UHF, CB, AIR, and WB frequencies. Ensuring you stay connected and informed no matter where your journey takes you!

1000 Stations Storage

With ample space for 1000 stations, RF757 ensures you'll always have your favorite tunes and broadcasts at your fingertips.

2500mAh Battery

Experience uninterrupted listening with the large 2500mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring endless music enjoyment wherever you go.

Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock

Set a sleep timer to power off the radio after a specified duration. Wake up to your favorite broadcast or a buzzer with the built-in alarm clock.

Three Play Modes

Immerse yourself in music with RF757's 3 playback modes: BT 5.0, TF Card, and multi-band Receiver, offering endless entertainment options.

Frequency band | Mode | Sensitivity | Step Option
FM:87.5-108MHZ / 87.0-108MHZ / 76.0-108MHZ / 64.0-108MHZ | MONO/ST | 5uV | 10KHZ
VHF/UHF: 25.0-999.0MHZ | NFM | 1uV | 0.025MHZ
MW: 520-1710KHZ / 522-1710KHZ | AM | 12mV/m | 9KHZ / 10KHZ
SW:3.2-30.0MHZ | AM | 30dBuV | 0.005MHZ
AIR: 118.0-138.0MHZ | AM | 5uV |0.025MHZ
WB (WX): 162.400-162.550MHZ | NFM | 5uV |0.025MHZ
Quiescent current: ≤ 70uA
Max current: ≤ 750MA
Speaker: Ф40mm/4Ω/3W
Storage Capacity: 1,000 in total(FM/VHF/AM/SW/AIR: 200 channels for each)
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Bluetooth receiving distance: ≤20m
Min operating voltage: 3.4V
External input voltage: DC.5v
2,500mAh lithium battery: 3.7v
TF card play format: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE and FLAC
Max memory of TF card: 256G
Size: 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.2in / 138 x 86 x 30mm
Weight: 8.8oz / 250g (battery included)

What’s in the box?
1 x RF757 Shortwave Radio
1 x 2500mAh Battery
1 x String
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x Headset
1 x Wired Antenna
1 x User Manual