MS-1 Indoor Insect Trap
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Effective Insects Control: The MS-1 utilizes UV blue light to attract flying insects like mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, and moths, then suck them into the cage and dehydrate them with the powerful fan.

Reliable Protection: This physical bug repellent is odorless and safe for kids, pets, food and plants, offering efficient insect control without harmful substances.Suitable for bedroom, living room, kitchen, greenhouse, indoor.

Anti-Escape Design: When the power is turned off, the mesh of the insect cage tightens, preventing bugs from escaping. No need to keep the fan running continuously till they are completely dehydrated, saves energy.

Cost-Effective Solution: No consumables refill needed! With the escape-proof mesh, the MS-1 can trap countless insects without being limited by the glue board area, efficient and saves money.

Easy to Operate: Simply plug in the power, switch it on, and let the low-noise fan protect you from the annoying bugs as you drift into sweet dreams. The insect cage is detachable and washable.

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Introducing our innovative indoor insect trap, designed to effectively eliminate mosquitoes, fruit flies, gnats, and moths. Utilizing UV blue light attraction, then captured by a powerful fan and dehydrated to death inside the cage. The highlight of this trap is its anti-escape mesh design, no sticky glue is needed but ensuring pests remain trapped even when the power is off, saving energy. Physical pest control and friendly to kids, pets, and plants, providing efficient insect control without harmful substances. Enjoy peaceful nights with our easy-to-use, low-noise flying insect trap.

What’s in the box?
1 x MS-1 Mosquito Trap
1 x USB Charging Cable