R5 Wireless Remote Sensor for VP7 Weather Station
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LCD Digital Display: The advanced display of R5 provides real-time information, including the current channel number, temperature, and humidity. Switch between Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉) units at one click to suit your preference.

Compatibility: The Raddy R5 remote sensor is designed to work with the Raddy VP7 weather station. Powered by replaceable 2 x AA batteries (not included), you can easily find them on the market.

Wireless Transmission Range: Enjoy the convenience of wireless data transmission with a range of up to 330 feet (100 meters). To ensure proper synchronization, insert the battery into the console before inserting the battery into the remote sensor.

Wide Temperature and Humidity Range: The Raddy R5 sensor offers a comprehensive temperature range of -40°F to 140°F(-40℃ to 60℃) and a humidity range of 20% to 95%. We recommend using low-temperature resistant batteries in winter as the performance of normal batteries will be weakened and affect the sensor signal strength when the temperature is below 14℉ (-10℃).

Note: We recommend ① Place the remote sensor upright ② Place it outdoors with a shelter ③ Make it far from interfering sources ④ Put it at least 47 inches (1.2m) from the ground.


With our weather station, you can easily monitor temperature and humidity levels in different areas of your home, including bedrooms, living rooms, baby rooms, balconies, offices, greenhouses, and storage rooms for wine or musical instruments. Raddy weather stations can help you provide better care for your loved ones and home.