DT6 Weather Station
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Comprehensive Weather Information|Get essential weather data, including barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, and a 12-hour real-time weather forecast. Stay prepared and plan your day accordingly. Enjoy mesmerizing moonlit strolls with the moon phase feature.

Indoor and Outdoor Monitor |Monitor different areas of your home simultaneously with support for up to 3 sensors. Automatic channel switching every 5 seconds allows for convenient monitoring. You can easily set alerts for outdoor Hi/Low-temperature, and view MAX/MIN temperature and humidity values.

Stay Ahead of Living Conditions|Track temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure trends. A comfort indicator with 5 humidity levels helps create a comfortable environment. Receive ventilation reminders for a healthy home and address health issues proactively.

Low Battery and Ice Alerts|Stay prepared with low battery notifications to ensure uninterrupted functionality. Receive alerts for potentially icy conditions, keeping you safe during winter weather.

Manage Your Schedule|The multifunctional display shows the date, clock, and calendar, keeping you organized. DCF radio signal reception ensures accurate timekeeping. The DT6 supports 7 languages displaying week.


Sync with weather site


sync main servere

Create a Comfortable Environment

The comfort indicator offers 5 levels of humidity display, ensuring personalized comfort. It guides laundry decisions and helps prevent mold formation, promoting a comfortable living space. Enjoy fresh and well-ventilated living spaces with timely prompts for optimal air circulation. Improve indoor air quality and maintain a healthy environment with this helpful feature.

Dual Alarm Clock with Snooze Function

Set different alarms for weekdays and weekends, never missing an important event again. Choose to repeat routines from Monday to Friday, Saturday to Sunday, or Monday to Sunday, providing flexibility to suit your schedule.

Adjustable Backlight and Quiet Operation

Customize the brightness level with the four-step adjustable backlight. Whether in bright daylight or low-light conditions, you can always read the display clearly, ensuring optimal visibility. Operates quietly, making it an excellent companion for reading, studying, and working. Enjoy a peaceful environment without any distractions.


Temperature Range:

Indoor: -9.9°C (14.2°F) ~ 50°C (122°F) 

Outdoor: -40°C (-40°F) ~ 70°C (158°F)

Wireless Outdoor Sensor

RF Transmitting Frequency: 433.92MHz 

Transmission Range: 60 meter in an open area

Barometric Pressure Ranges: 850~1100 mB/hPa (25.10~32.48 inHg)

Power Supply:

Console: Battery: 2 x LR03 AAA; Adapter: DC5V, 600mA

Remote Sensor: Battery: 2 x LR03 AA


Please note:

  1. We recommend the product be placed at a minimum distance of 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) from all sources of interference, such as televisions or computer monitors, or switching power adapters.
  2.  Radio reception is weaker in rooms with concrete walls (e.g.: in cellars) and in offices. In such extreme circumstances, place the DT6 console close to the window.
  3.  During the RCC receive mode, only the [Light/Snooze] and [-] buttons have a function, other buttons are not functional. If you want to carry out other functions of operation, please press [-] button to exit the RCC receiving mode.
  4. We recommend the low-temperature resistant batteries in winter as the performance of normal batteries will be weakened and affect the sensor signal strength when the temperature is below -10℃.