SD5 DAB/DAB+ Emergency Radio
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Indoor & Outdoor Reliable Emergency Supply: SD5 is an ALL-IN-ONE DAB/DAB+/FM radio with an IPX5 waterproof case, SOS alarm, compass, reading lamp, and flashlight, as well as a 5000 power bank. Compared with other emergency radios, SD5 is of higher quality and longer-lasting with ABS & TPU materials.

Large Battery Powered: SD5 equipped with a 5000 battery is the largest battery capacity in the market. The powerful battery and the upgraded 1.5A output current ensure your mobile phone gets fully charged more quickly than others.

3 Charging Modes: Besides USB charging, the solar panel and the hand crank are the best back-ups in any situation. They all could generate sufficient power for the radio, flashlight, reading lamp, or SOS alarm whenever you need.

Flashlight & 3 Modes of Reading Lamp: The darkness will surely come with you, and so does SD5. No worries but turn on the flashlight to light up the surroundings and find your way. On a camping night with families and friends, you could also read books and tell stories with the reading lamp.

DAB/DAB+/FM: All sounds of the world are collected in such a tiny box! You could listen to music, sport, news, and the latest weather report, ensuring you are informed when hazardous weather comes in your area. SD5 is your best choice for an alone partner, household gatherings, and outdoor adventure.


Hand Crank Charging

The hand crank is easy and smooth to operate, 5 minutes of turning the handle around could generate power which could support nearly 10 minutes.

Solar Charging

Expose the solar panel to clear sunlight and make the sunlight directly on the solar panel to let it charges as efficiently as possible.

5V USB-C Charging

It comes with a 5V USB-C charging port and cable, it provides faster and stable charging, saves your time to re-power your devices.

Cell Phone Charger

SW5 can fully recharge your cell phone 1-2 times, providing 14 hours of light,12 hours of radio. You could still be online and keep in touch with your families and friends in an emergency.


All the sounds of the world are collected in such a tiny box! You can listen to music, sports, news and the latest weather report to make sure you know about dangerous weather near you.

SOS Alarm

When needed, an SOS alarm with a powerful speaker emits a clear and loud sound of >90dB, which can help you get a rescue in time.

Flashlight & 3 modes of reading lamp

These lights can provide outdoor enthusiasts with a bright view, people living alone with protection in the event of a power outage, and family members with a light source for sharing stories and reading books while camping.


SD5 comes with a compass to help you find the right road in the forest, in the snow, in a maze of smog, etc.


  • Waterproof rating: IPX5
  • Power source: solar, hand crank, charging via USB-C
  • Power: 5W
  • Charging output: USB 5V/1.5A
  • Charging input: Type-C 5V/2A
  • Battery capacity: 5000mAh
  • DAB: 174-240MHz
  • FM: 87.5-108MHz