The eRide Metro is the ultimate commuter for everyday transportation and weekend adventures alike. Its easy-to-use pedal-assist system and ergonomic upright riding position make riding a breeze. The strong 500W motor and the large capacity battery can take you up to 50 miles at speeds up to 20 mph with minimal effort needed by you. 
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What's the difference between fat tires and regular tires?

Fat tires provide stronger grip and traction, bring a more comfortable riding experience to the rider.

Which class of ebike does Raddy belongs to?

Raddy ebike belong to the class2 ebikes.

Are the handlebars adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust it.

How far can I go on the ebike on a full charge?

Up to 50 miles, more or less depending your riding style, level of pedal assist an/or throttle, rider weight, hills, and headwinds/tailwinds.

How fast can the eRide Metro go?

We ship the eRide Metro ebike in a "Class II" configuration to meet ebike laws that have been adopted in most states, 20mph.

Does my height/weight suit the bike?

The recommended rider height is 5'3" ~ 6'3", payload 330 lbs at maximum.

Generally, how long will it take to assemble?

Not long at all. Your bike will arrive mostly assembled. Our customers generally takes just 10 to 15 minutes to start riding. Check out the Raddy's official Assembling Instruction Video.

How can I clean my Raddy ebike?

Just the way you would clean a regular bike. The battery can handle water, but it is recommended to remove the battery before hosing down your Raddy ebike.

Why you should consider an electric bike?

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