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SW2 Emergency Radio
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A Must-have Lifesaver: This portable radio brings a ton of emergency features like flashlight, radio receiver, SOS alarm and clock, to serve your multiple purposes. Featuring multiple charging options, it is a must for household, outdoor and emergency preparedness kits.

Never Run out of Power: There are 4 sustainable power choices available: a hand crank, solar, USB charging and replacing batteries. It also features a reverse charging function so that you can keep your cell phones powered up via USB. The combination of features and backup power options make it a great addition to any emergency kit.

Flashlight & SOS Alarm: As an emergency radio, the flashlight is important in case the severe bad weather causes a power outage or you get lost outdoors at night. When you meet danger or get injured, you can also activate the SOS function, the radio will alarm as well as flash to emit a strong signal for help.

AM/FM/NOAA Weather Broadcast: Whether you’re looking to relax with some music or stay informed with the latest weather and news, the SW2 is perfect for everyday use in the outdoors or when the unexpected happens. Be prepared and stay safe for natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms.

Small Size but All-Purpose: The SW2 is a beautiful starry sky pocket-sized portable emergency radio which is surprisingly small and light. Its dimension is 5.24*1.57*2.87inch and weight 0.56LB. It can be fit in jacket pocket, purse, backpack, etc.Other features include an alarm clock, mobile phone charger, hand crank for emergency power and flashlight.




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Solar Panel

It has a solar panel on the top of the radio. Put it in a sunny place for charging, and make the sunshine directly on the solar panel as much as possible.

Replacing Batteries

It comes with a replaceable 18650 battery pack. You'll have backup battery power at your disposal.

Hand Crank

The hand crank is smooth to operate, 5 minute of turning the handle around the back of the radio provides about 10 minutes of power.

USB Charging

The radio can be charged by USB cable. A fully charged 2000 mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 13 hours of radio time or 14 hours of flashlight time


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Emergency Kit

It features 3 flashlight modes for emergency use: far beam, dipped beam and blink. The flashlight offers about 30 feet of visibility.

SOS Alarm

The flashlight has an SOS strobe to call for help in emergency situations

NOAA Broadcast

The SW2 has access to NOAA emergency weather broadcasts, as well as the AM/FM bands. You can set it to alert you to severe weather risks in your area.

Power Bank

It also adds a 5V DC USB output port for charging mobile devices in case of emergency, making this radio the perfect companion for an emergency indoors or out.