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Raddy eRide Metro E-Bike Unboxing

Like many others the interest in ebikes pushed me into buying territory and I had begun to research available options. It can be quite a daunting task as the market is flooded with options, but a common thread between them all is either a high price or lack of availability in stores or online. This has left many placing orders and waiting months, or paying extremely high prices.

Fortunately I got my hands on a review unit of Raddy's new "Metro" commuter eBike. What really attracted me to the Metro was the price, at $1,100 USD it's substantially cheaper than similar folding ebikes. You could say I was a little nervous and not totally sure what I would end up getting for that price.

My first impressions when I received the box were that it was wider than I was expecting!


I should have expected the bike would ship folded, which was convenient as removing it from the box and getting ready for setup was a breeze. The first thing I noticed was the accessory box included some cool freebies that will ensure I have a stress free ride and can tackle maintenance no matter where I am. The kit includes a multi-function bike tool that includes everything you need on the go, like a socket set, hex and standard wrenches, screwdrivers and hand air-pump.

Getting everything assembled took around 5-10 minutes which included removing zip ties and foam, the only steps were unfolding the bike, setting up your handle bars, installing the pedals and inserting the battery. They also have a video guide for assembly.


It was great to see so many pre-installed accessories ready to go, like the front and rear fenders, rear cargo shelf, LED Headlight and Dual Battery switch go a long way to make this ebike road ready.


Here are the specifications:

Model Name Raddy eRide Metro
Max. Load Capacity 264.5lbs
Max Speed 32Km/h
Motor 500W
Battery 48V, 13Ah
Range Average Per Charge Power-Assisted Drive Status: 4-4.5 Km/Ah
Electric Drive Status: 3.5-4Km/Ah
Wheel Size 20” x 4” Front / Rear fat tires
Tire Pressure Inflation to 5-30 PSI
Charger 48V, 2A
Charging Time

Full: 6.5 hours

80%: 5.2 hours
Water Resistance Rating Display, Wires, Connecting Meters, Battery, Motors, Wires of Controllers: IP65
Others: IP45
Weight 64.6lbs

The Raddy Metro has plenty of power to get around town, hauling just yourself or loaded down with cargo. Equipped with a 500W hub motor and 48V 13A Battery will deliver approximately up to 50 miles Range and 20mph Speed. The Metro also is equipped with a Front Suspension Fork which can give you more control, efficiency and speed on the trail.

At 64.6lbs it's a bit on the heavier side, but that's mainly due to all the accessories it has equipped. Still very easy to move around. That's a perfect companion for an RV or easy to store in an Apartment. The Raddy eRide Metro is a great value that's perfect for new and seasoned riders.